What is A/B testing and How it Helps in Conversion Rate Optimization?

A/B testing is an amazing web testing tool that has an ability to test the performance of your site elements and suggest the ideas to carry the modifications on your site without fearing the harsh consequences. For any eCommerce or general website, it is very important that they keep their site up-to-date with the latest contents as well as possess elegant look and feel for the site elements. Here, below you’ll find three cases when you need to perform modifications on your site:

Case one: You want to change the look and feel of your site as a regular site update.

Case two: Your site is not performing well that is why you want to change the layout of your site so that it starts converting.

Case three: Your site is already performing well but you want to change some elements on your site as they have become monotonous for a long time.

All these three cases have their own advantages but in the meantime they posses a serious threat on your current conversion rates too. Just consider the case one and case three. You are a keen site owner and you regularly update your site, but here, you may unknowingly change or remove the site element which is already performing well.

Taking case two in the discussion, your site is not performing in the way as you expect it to. However, what about those site elements which have nothing to do with the conversion rates of your site?

All the three cases have a common factor in them, you don’t have an idea about which element on you site is performing well and which element is lagging behind. In other words, you are not sure which element you want to keep and which element you actually want to remove or modify.

Here is the solution for you. A/B testing or simply called as Split testing, is a web testing tool which can be used to test each and every element on your site. You can deploy an A/B testing on each and every site element that will find out the best,average and worst elements on your site. You can test your site by simply creating two versions of an element on your site and then testing them simultaneously against each other to find out which version gets the maximum conversion rates.

A/B Testing

Out of the two versions, one of the variants is kept without any changes, therefore, it is called as the control page and the other version where we make the desired changes and modifications is called as the variation page. Now, you need to divide the traffic between both versions of the page and put both pages live on a scheduled time period. Once the testing period is over, the conversion rates of both the variants are analyzed using various statistical tools and techniques.This will help you to find out which option gave better conversion rates.

Winner page: Out of the two variants, the page which comes out with maximum conversion rates will be finally adopted for the change. This page is called as the winner page.

How does A/B testing help?

  1. Conducting a regular A/B testing on your site helps you to improve the performances of various elements by making the right and confident modifications on them.
  2. It helps to decide which elements are worthwhile and should be kept on your site as well as which one needs amendment or an elimination from the site.
  3. You can generate maximum user engagement on your site and also improve the website traffic and conversion rates. You can do thisby making the correct and confident modifications in your site and its elements.
  4. Regular utilization of A/B testing reduce the risks taken by a B2B environment where even a minor changes can lead to an extensive failure.

Thus, the above article gives a brief idea about what is an A/B testing and how it helps to drive conversions for your site. Practicing A/B testing before doing any modification on your site will help you to get a converting site for your business and also reduce the risks taken by you to improve your site’s performance.


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