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New Requirement For Americans Visiting the EU After 2021

Get Hassle-Free Approval Process @ETIAS

Currently, Americans are permitted to visit 26 European countries for the purpose of business or tourism for up to three months without any Europe visa requirements. But, there will be changes in the rules beginning January 1, 2021. 

Travelers to the EU are required to follow the rules if they want to visit Schengen areas for business, medical, tourism and take approval from the European Information and Authorization System (ETIAS).

This new requirement will be considered an additional check on security rather than an EU visa. As part of a new security system projected to screen visa-free travelers , Americans who wish to visit the EU after 2021 are required to register online through the new European Travel Information and Authorization System and pay a small fee. The policy was adopted by the European Council in September 2018.

The major intention of announcing this new requirement is to address the challenges posed by terrorism besides raising revenue for the EU.

Requisites for the Application and Approval Process from ETIAS

  • The application process of ETIAS will take less than 10 minutes to finish and it will take place online.
  • For successful online registration, applicants must have a) an email address b) a credit or debit card, and c) a valid passport
  • Everyone i.e. infants, children, as well as adults need to apply for ETIAS online.
  • Application formalities need to be finished before 96 hours before travel.
  • You need to provide the information such as Applicant Full Name, Applicant Date and place of birth, Current address, Parents’ information, Passport and other citizenship details to complete online ETIAS process.
  • Payment will need to be made via a debit or a credit card.
  • The cost of the application will be 7 Euros per person
  • The application will be checked against a number of security databases, ETIAS watch list.
  • Applicants will get approved or rejected email through email. If the application is denied, an explanation will be provided.
  • In addition, the ETIAS visa waiver for U.S citizens is a multiple-entry travel authorization. It will have few restrictions to maintain a high level of international security.

So, it is essential to be prepared for ETIAS as it will be a legal obligation for all U.S. citizens travelling to the EU areas.

Reasons for Introducing the New Requirement:

European Commission announced the new requirement to recognize any security or asymmetrical migratory risks posed by visa-exempt visitors. This helps to improve the detection of human trafficking, reduce criminal activities.

Get Hassle-Free Approval Process @ETIAS

If you are looking to apply for ETIAS, you can apply here. We will provide a fast, hassle-free easy application for the ETIAS with high-quality customer support. We also offer live chat support to our customers, who want to clarify questions regarding the ETIAS. You can clarify your doubts through the live chat session on our site.

Benefits of applying through ETIAS (European Travel Information & Authorization System)

ETIAS is an online process that can be complicated and time-consuming. So, we help you for the customer friendly, quick process.

a) We help you save money

At ETIAS, we help you complete ETIAS application easily within less time.

b) ETIAS approval is quick

Approval for your ETIAS application will take less time. It would maximum only four days for approval.

For more information, you can check ETIAS Schengen European Visa Travel Waiver Guide

c) Guidance

We will provide ideal guidance to complete the online registration process

d) We will help you to navigate to the system successfully making it simpler to complete and stress-free For a better idea, check the video here.


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