4 tips to get an iPhone spy app with reasonable price

Recently, I was inspiring myself with some ground breaking innovations on Kick starter and somehow, epiphanies got me surrendered. All of the featured campaigns that I came across were very reasonably priced with their pledged values going far beyond the goals. What does this all suggest? Well, this could possibly be a step towards an era that’s not ruled only by some technological giants. Competition seems to be at the core of every product or service, because consumers want to get the best value of money.

iPhone spy app

About the mobile apps market, it’s growing into a gigantic web. There is an app for every product that we use nowadays. Whenever we have shared an app with our readers, our purpose has always been to provide them with something that’s reliable, effective and worth their money.

And today, we will tell our beloved readers how they can get a quality iPhone spy app with reasonable price. Take some time out to read these tips if you want to get a spy app on the best budget.

1. Features aren’t everything

It’s true: features aren’t everything. What I have been trying to imply is that you don’t necessarily need to get an app that promises to provide you 100+ features, because you don’t really need them all. But consumers easily fall for these marketing stunts and pay a hefty price on spy app subscriptions. Couples are secretively spying on their counterparts, striving to get everything that they can off each other’s devices.

What if I tell you that you can save tons of money by going with a moderate choice? There are many apps available out there that won’t give you the camera control on the target device, but they sure can monitor vital phone logs.

2. Try iCloud version

Because I am suggesting you to stay with the basics, so you can also try the iCloud version because it’s cheaper than the Jailbreak version. If you try this hack, you can easily get a nice iPhone spy app with reasonable price. However, be careful. Not all iCloud versions are created equal. I would suggest that your No jailbreak version should at least have the following features.

  • Phone logs tracking: Your spy app should be capable of tracking calls, SMS, phone book, calendar entries, etc.
  • Online activities: You should be able to track online activity from your target person’s iPhone. This includes their emails, internet browsing history, and social media and dating apps. Look closely, because your app should at least be able to track Whats App, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Line, Skype, Viber and iMessage. For dating apps, spying on Tinder would do just fine, because if your partner or child is using a dating app, it’s going to be this one for sure.
  • Multimedia: You need to have access to the multimedia from the monitored device, because it can provide you some essential leads that spying on other logs can’t. Not just the photos, but you should also be able to spy on the videos and audio recordings.
  • GPS tracking: And finally, your spy app should be able to track the monitored device’s real time location, or the very least, it should be able to provide you the location history logs.

3. What’s a reasonable price For a spy app?

Everyone has its own version of what’s cheap and what’s not. Some people would be willing to buy a $100 pants, while others could find them to be extremely expensive. So how reasonable do you find your app is subjective to your spending habits.

iPhone spy app

Let me tell you what the reasonable price for an iPhone spy app is. If the app you are buying is priced anywhere between $8 to $12, you should definitely go for it. But make sure it has all the essential features aforementioned.

4. Keep realistic expectations

Keep your expectations realistic. It’s just a mobile spy app after all. Don’t expect it to do wonders for you. Moreover, the simpler you keep it, the better it is. You don’t want to burden yourself up with all the revelations from your child or partner’s cell phone.

 What’s your version of iPhone spy app with affordable price? Let us know in the comments.


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