Top 10 Simple Tips to Avoid Pimples for Your Face

No one desires to have wrinkled and blemished skin. Pimples can be quite stressful once spotted. Often, they are infectious, ugly and red in color. For many people, pimples can be a complete nightmare. Once you spot a pimple, the first thought is how you will get rid of it. However,it is not easy as many presume. This information provided will give you enough tips on how to avoid pimples on your face.

Acne skin

1.Use a Cleanser

Regularly cleansing your face is a vital step in your personal skin care routine. Whether you have or don’t have an acne problem, it is important that you wash your visage at least twice in a day. This will keep dead cells, dirt and excess oil off your skin. When doing the washing, don’t use soap, instead use a mild cleanser.

  1. Products Containing Vitamin C

Confirm whether the ointment you purchased for your skin contains extracts of fruits that are known to be of great benefit to the skin. It is important that you go for a product rich in vitamin C. With such products, you are sure that your skins health will improve.

  1. Use aloe Vera products

This plant has a lot of medicinal value. Consider buying moisturizers and shaving oil that have incorporated aloe Vera as one of the components used in its manufacturing. You can also buy a supplement drink that contains aloe Vera. It is known to be effective when it comes to adult acne treatment and prevention. This unique plant has the ability to remove dirt and excess oil while simultaneously stimulating cell growth and heal damaged skin quicker.

  1. Use Dermatologically Tested Products

There are a number of products in the market that claim to be the remedy to acne. Most of the anti-acne products available in the stores may not be helpful. You need to consult a dermatologist and know your skin type before making a purchase.

  1. Facial Mask with Honey as a Component

Use a facial mask that has honey as one of its components. Ensure you apply the mask before sleeping as the honey incorporated acts as a treatment and preventive component. The presence of antioxidants in the honey will help reduce inflammation on the skin. Thus preventing the acne and make your skin supple and smooth.

  1. Lemon Incorporated Products

Settle for a cream that have lemon as one of its ingredients. The lemon component will get rid of the pimples effectively. This component will reduce the redness, kill bacteria, reduce the amount of oil and get rid of the scars.

  1. Tea Tree Oil Products

Tea tree is highly know for fighting moderate to mild acne outbursts. Therefore,consider going for an ointment that has tea tree oil incorporated. Its antiseptic properties will aid in the reduction of acne-causing-bacteria present on the skin while at the same time suppressing inflammation of the skin cells.

  1. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is often introduced in creams, wipes, sprays and gel cosmetics. The acid is meant to reduce the redness and swelling on the skin eventually unplugging the pores. Some cosmetic products that contain salicylic acid have been manufactured in a way that they will help stimulate collagen for the purpose of cleaning the skin.

  1. Aldactone medication

This medication is known to treat hormonal acne. It is ingested orally and will block the receptors of your hormonal androgen. Therefore, helping to control the testosterone surges which often prompt pimple formation.

  1. Blue-light Therapy

These rays will penetrate through the follicles of the skin inorder to kill the acne causing bacteria. In a severe case, there will be need to incorporate Levulan to the blue light therapy. However, the treatment may result to a temporary redness.


Availability of a variety of products in the market will assist you make a good choice. The decision you opt to stick to largely depends on what will work best for you. Baring this in mind, people who go for the best products that suits their skin condition, get positive results.


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