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Tip On Choosing Your Car Headlights

Last time I discussed about Halogen and LED headlights, as well as, giving you a few tips on choosing the best car headlights. Today, I am going to focus on HID and LED bulbs. And just like last time, I will talk about their pros and cons so that you will have a grip of the two kinds of bulbs. Alright, enough talking. Let’s get started.

The Price

Last time when I compared Halogen with LED, I talked about how the price of LED was much more expensive than that of Halogen. This time expect LEDs to be more expensive again. In fact, it is safe to say that LEDs are the most expensive kind of bulbs on the market. This is because of its advanced technology. Compared to HID, LEDs take up less energy. Because of its advanced technology requires money and effort to make, that is why they are so expensive.
HIDs, on the other hand, are much cheaper than LED. This is definitely a plus if you are on budget or do not want to spend much money on the best car headlights.

The brightness

If you think LED is bright then prepare to have something even brighter. And I am talking about the most intense and extreme light ever. HIDs have the most extreme light. Of course, brighter light means better vision at night. However, like I said in the last article, extreme intensity may not be what you need as intense light may blind the other drivers’ eyes. Especially at night, this is quite dangerous as you may accidentally cause danger to other people.
LED headlight on the other hand, has a more subtle bright than HID. It is still intense and still very bright. However, it may be just what you need. It is bright and it is intense. But, it is enough for human eyes to take.

The size

Are you fond of something small and tiny that takes up little to no space at all? If you so then you should definitely check out LED headlights. Due to the latest technology, engineers have made them so small that they can be easily be molded into any shape you want. HIDs, on the other hand, are much bigger in term of the size. Although, this is not important if you do not mind a little big headlight.
After all, it all depends on the frame of your car and your interest. Pick one that suits your taste the most. Most people often go with HIDs as they do not mind a big headlight. Of course, it is entirely up to you to decide.

The color

If you are someone who likes to add a bit of sophistication and quirkiness to your car then I suggest you should go with LED headlights. They come with a variety of colors for you to choose from. You got red, white, and blue. Three distinctive and unique colors to suit your interest, style and personality.

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