How to Get Rid of The 6 Biggest Sun Damage

Harmful UV radiation from the sun can cause your skin a long list of temporary and permanent damages: wrinkles, dark spots, chronic dryness, among other signs of skin damage. Worst, UV causes cancer. You know better than to soak up in the sun for an unlimited number of hours. It’s not wise and there are ways you can outsmart the sun but there is only so much that you can do to correct the damage that’s been done.


Sun damage.

We all want skin that’s healthy and youthful looking. It’s hard to think anybody would refuse beautiful skin. Sigourney Weaver once reminder that, “It’s important to grow old gracefully, and that’s what I plan to do. I am here to stay. I take care of myself, and I have the discipline to stay fit and have good health until I am very old.”

If you want to age with poise just as Sigourney Weaver, you can’t wish on a falling star and that will make your dreams come true. You have to do your part, exert more effort before you can claim your beautiful skin. On the corrective side, some things have to be done about those serious sun damage signs manifesting on your skin:

Damage No. 1: Chronic dry skin.

Ageing and skin damage dwell on dehydrated skin. If you want to the damage, you have to correct dry skin as much as possible. Dryness resulting from UV damage may have altered your skin cells, making the skin matrix lose its natural sponge like capability to absorb and hold in moisture. Revive skin by flooding your skin with a combination of quick, deep penetrating moisturizers and thick, emollient creams.

Damage No. 2: Dull skin.

Skin that is lifeless can be corrected with makeup. However, for longer term and more significant improvements, regular exfoliation is a must to correct this condition. A healthy diet and regular exercise will also help bring back your skin’s naturally glowing complexion.

Damage No. 3: Hyperprigmentation and dark spots.

These damages appear on your skin after excessive time under the sun. The skin reacts to UV damage by boosting melanin production and concentrating these on the surface of the skin. Dark patches are the aftermath of that attempt to shield your skin from damage.

Thankfully, most of these are superficial. That means, with proper and regular exfoliation, the damaged layers of skin will eventually shed. Cut-down the time it takes to brighten your skin with skin brightening procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. You can DIY exfoliation and use skin brightening creams or spot correcting creams that contain melanin-inhibiting ingredients like licorice, retinol and hydroquinone.

Damage No. 4: Wrinkles.

On of the most dreaded and hardest sun damage signs to thwart and reverse are skin creases and folds. The most that you can do is to exfoliate and use an anti-ageing cream. To get the optimal benefits for your wrinkled skin, choose creams that contain antioxidants, protein-rich peptides, moisture-enhancing hyaluronic acid, and barrier forming plant ceramides.

Damage No. 5: Saggy skin.

UV makes skin lose its elasticity. When skin begins to sag, the structure of the skin may have already been damaged permanently. You need a skin firming cream to help improve your saggy skin.

The most effective ingredients to look for in these products are antioxidants, most especially the combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Niacinamide. Together, these ingredients revitalize your skin cells to bring back high collagen and elastin content of your skin.  For more immediate results, consider getting Botox and derma fillers.

Other ingredients to look for are alpha hydroxy acids which help gently slough off skin’s damaged layers and surface newer, younger skin. Firming creams that contain retinol will be beneficial as well but must only be applied at night.

Damage No. 6: Uneven skin tone.

Regular exfoliation combined with skin brightening treatments can help restore your skin’s healthy and even skin tone. For faster, more dramatic results, you should also ask your skincare specialist about how certain procedures such as Intense Pulsed Light laser and micro needling can help improve the appearance of your skin.


Prevention is key if keeping your skin youthful is your goal. That means, practicing smart sun exposure must be part of your daily skin protection regimen. While you’re applying remedies to sun damaged skin, you must prevent more sun damage from happening to allow your skin to cope with the much needed repairs.

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