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How to Change a Tire Step-By-Step

You may be often stuck in between a road while driving, due to a punctured tire. It is an issue that can be normally faced during traveling. It may be the case that you do not find a service station near, during your journey and this can lead you to huge trouble if you do not know how to change a tire. To avoid such a miserable situation, you must know how to change a tire. Following the simple steps below, one can easily learn to change the tire step by step:

  • Finding a flat place for changing your tire:

Before attempting to replace the tire, you need to find a flat place. You need to stand your car by the side of the road if you are traveling. The flat place makes the tire replacement easy by keeping your car leveled at the surface.

  • Put the car in the parking position:

The parking position of the car demands it to be held in the first or reverse position. This position is said to be perfect position for changing or replacing the tires of the car.

  • Take out a space tire with a jack:

Now, take out the toolbox and pick out car jacks and a spare tire that you intend to replace with the old one. Make sure that the tire to be replaced is not damaged to avoid time loss.

  • Raise the jack and rotate to pull out the tire:

Put the jack in the hub of the tire that is located in the middle of the tire. After fixing the jack rotate to loosen the hub and after removing the hub, pull out all the bolts one by one. This would loosen the tire and you would be able to pull it out for the purpose of replacement.

  • Place the spare tire on the hub:

After removing the old tire, it is the time to place the new one and fix it. You can replace the new tire by placing it on the hub and make sure the tire lies in the perfect position and gets fixed the hub before placing the nuts and bolts back.

  • Remove the hub caps:

For removing the hub caps, after placing the handle fixed on to the hub and rotate counter clockwise. Irrespective of the car, the hub caps are always opened counter clockwise.

  • Tighten the nuts by handle:

Place the bolts one by one into place and tighten them up by using a handle bar which is usually placed in the kit.

  • Remove the jack:

After proper installation of the tire, make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tightened. Then remove the jack to lift the car down after making sure the installation has been done properly.

Car tires may need replacement now and then and knowing the complete steps of successful tire replacement can save your time and money both. You don’t need to depend upon a worker for moving forward with your journey and this can save you from facing a tragic situation.

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