Blog Guidelines

Hello Blogger! Thanks for your interest in contributing to Fudoweb Blog. We’re happy to have you here and we hope to share your expertise with our readers in future. As our Blog is always looking for Natural, Useful and Practical unique articles on any decent topic or category.

What we look into a guest post:

Successful contributions from bloggers without any grammatical errors that could help our readers to understand well. The posts should be comprehensive, data-driven and interesting so that makes our readers to learn something new.

We focus on few things before publishing your article/Blog Post:

  1. Please Contribute you own well-written original content. Already / Previously published content will be rejected.
  2. We always look for something new creative content and informational.
  3. Every post should have at least one image, that too relevant to post and those images should not subject to copyright & are royalty free or you should mention source of that image. If you want to use free images use Pixabay (you will get high quality images).
  4. The submitted Image should be 800 pixels wide. Image format should be .jpg or .png. For every post there will be an featured image that attracts readers attention.
  5. Blog post publication dates will be based on approval of posts by our content team.
  6. The blog post or article must be 600+ words to get your post approved.
  7. BlogIgot reserves all rights to edit or grammar or relevance etc. Posts that require significant editing will be rejected.
  8. The post should be posted in relevant category if you are unable to view required category then you can contact us for specific category. Our team will reply back if it matches to our Blog policy.
  9. When you send an article in Word document mention heading of the article in bold and follow right alignments, bullets or numbering or subheadings etc.
  10. When you are posting directly through form then post title should be in initial caps, character limit should be not more than 70 characters. Sub-headings, bulleted lists and justify alignments are encouraged for positive user experience and readability.
  11. We encourage you all blogger, whenever possible include real-life examples or case studies or success stories or Tips or Ideas or Research in the post you are writing that makes reader more interesting.
  12. We approve blog posts or articles on all topics or categories and they must be unique in nature.
  13. Author or Blogger Bio is must and a passport size of your photo.
  14. First 2 articles are free to submit with your personal links (but not promotional links) after that you have pay for each article.
  15. Avoid promotional information or promotional links or affiliate links in post. As we charge for Promotional services (for price info Contact Us).

How to Submit Guest post?

  • Any one if you want to send in word document or HTML file please send the attachment with relevant images(800px wide) to
  • If you want to create a back end profile please Signup Here, if you already have signed up, then Log In here.
  • If you want to post through online form Please click below Link.


NOTE: All the above points are recommended, post will not be approved if you are not following above guidelines.