Top 7 Makeup you Should Always have – Best Makeup for all season

Makeup is no new invention.  It has been worn thousands of year ago even before civilizations began.  Both women and men would use dyes from plants to adorn their faces and their bodies with.  Whether for use in their daily routines or for special rituals, makeup served to function as color. These days, other than treating makeup as a way to color the face and take away the dullness, perhaps the more important modern use of makeup is to hide away imperfections and perfect an otherwise naturally imperfect complexion. 7 makeup products you must always have in your purse Even with these clear advantages of wearing makeup seemingly well known to everyone, many women are still intimidated to use and apply them on a more regular basis.  To make that feeling of intimidation worse, the new niche markets being created by product manufacturers and the entry of new players in the industry have increased the number and volume of cosmetic products from which consumers can choose from. While a wide variety of products is advantageous for the consumer, the intimidated consumer will become more confused. To give you a low-own on which products you will only be needing, below is a quick list of just 7 products you need to have […]