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Will Galaxy S8 Feature The 5th Generation Gorilla Glass?

Seeing the developments in almost all aspects of the Smartphone is no more a huge thing. From what we now see, as the new phones come into the market, there is everything which we see evolve over time. One such major part of the Smartphones is the Gorilla Glass used. It has been quite some time since we saw the Gorilla Glass 4 on almost all the latest flagships. With so many flagships in the making for the year to come, the makers of Gorilla Glass decided to finally role in the Gorilla Glass 5. It is capable of surviving drops over rough surfaces, and remain intact in terms of  both resolution and sensitivity.

Samsung Mobile S8

The Gorilla Glass 5 is will remain unharmed even if it is dropped from a height of well above 5.2 feets, while the Gorilla Glass 4 was capable of surviving drops from only as high as 3 ft. Though the Gorilla Glass 4 was still an improvement over the previous version, the Gorilla Glass 5 is a much needed and a surprising hike in terms of enduring the drops and falls.

On an average, most of us drop our phones every other day, and the Gorilla Glass somehow manages to save the device. Though undergoing a fall from as high as 5 ft is not something which is very common, but the kind of protection the screen requires will be given by the Gorilla Glass 5. With Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc, an added layer of protection is a must since it costs us a lot above than an average device.

Gorilla Glass 5 is all set to be availed by the manufacturers and until now, the company is said to have sold a 4.5 million glasses to over 40 plus brands. Even the iPhone 7 could get a Corning Glass 5, but since no speculations about the same have been raised, we have rather kept the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 reserved and kept aside for devices that are to be launched in the year 2017, of which one is the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Other rumors about the Galaxy S8 include a 4K display for the device, dual camera, 6 GB RAM and a 5.5 inch screen. Going by the rumors for the device, it is, a matter of no doubt that the Smartphone will do super amazing in the market just like always. Coming to the price of the device, which is never a bargain for the customers, we can only hope that the company shows some mercy on us!


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