When Someone Calls Nootropics Cheating, Tell Them This

One of the greatest ways to get ahead in today’s world is through producing the best work there is. When 40% of the population are considered “knowledge workers” and most of the money is within this realm, it’s no wonder people are focused on improving their knowledge and brainpower. The way many are choosing to do this is through supplements that improve mental capabilities called “nootropics”.

These synthetic and natural compounds can help to increase the capabilities that you have, whether it be memory formation, learning, concentration, or creativity. Of course, this is an advantage that millions of people are jumping on, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t naysayers. Many of the people who say nootropics is cheating don’t really have a good enough grasp of the human history or are missing a major perspective.

A Brief History of Mankind and Cheating

For our entire history as a species, humans have been cheating. We have been doing things that are outside of the realm of our capabilities since the dawn of time. The answer to all of this, which makes us the special species on Earth, is tools. We are the only species that has the capability to manipulate our surrounding with tools so that we can win.

No other animal creates tools in the same way. Sure, a beaver might make a dam or monkeys create primitive tools, but in general humans are the only species with that capability. The irony is, even though people say nootropics are not helpful and should not be used for improving cognitive performance, they are a tool just like the tools that helped us to become civilized and great as a species!

Nootropics and Brain Health

Many of the greatest nootropics like nootropil (aka piracetam) have been researched for over 40 years. This much research doesn’t always mean something is safe, but in the case of piracetam there is clear evidence it is a safe nootropic to take for improving cognitive performance and brain health.

The vast majority of people who are using nootropics like nootropil find that the side effects are mild or non-existent. That is one of the reasons why these nootropics are becoming so popular among those who are elite performers.

The best part is, it is possible to determine what is actually making the difference. For example, people seeking the best nootropic stack find that it is way easier to do so when they are using tools like Cambridge Brain Sciences or CogniFit to better understand what is going on. These new tools are making the whole nootropics industry democratized and for good reason!


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