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When Do You Require Certified Translation Services?

translation services

When it comes to legal proceedings and matters related to documentation, it’s mandatory that you have all your bases covered. You might have come across translation agencies that assure to meet your standards. Maybe you have a legal proceedings to initiate or a school project that needs immediate attention. At The Spanish Group, we understand that your needs are unique and at times require diligence to help you meet them. That’s precisely what we strive for. Excellence.

Spanish happens to be the second most popular language on the number of native speakers  with a whooping 470 million Spanish speakers in Spain alongside 559 million speakers proficient in Spanish as their secondary language and about 20 million speakers who have picked it as a foreign language by choice. Would love to go deeper but we’ll spare you the numbers.

“Spanish is the second most popular language in the world.”

Being the official language of Spain, Equatorial Guinea and 19 other nations in the Americas and a popular foreign language in the United States and Europe, Spanish has some serious clout in many of the developed countries. Be it in Spain or other nations, there will arise situations when you need documentation translations for some reason nor the other.

It’s difficult to find capable firms which can adapt to their client’s needs. Many firms would rather choose to focus on legal firms, educational documents or a specific industry such as documents for legal proceedings. We are here to ensure you are given a professional edge with no hassles at the most cost effective price range that you can afford.

What a certified translation is- and is not..

As a document is translated, a certified document accompanies the original and the translated documents to attest the verification of the translation and the authors who did it. The document is further verified and signed by a notary representative as under the laws of the State. Be it any item that needs to be certified and submitted  to a legal body, it’s mandatory that verification accompanies it.

A major reason translation is required when you decide to relocate to a foreign state. Immigration requires paperwork more than other legal systems and you need to ensure your that these documents be fully verified and translated for faster approval rates.

Then there are legal paper works such as submitting your application to a University or School for further education. This process often requires translation of diplomas, transcripts, medical fitness and sort. Some countries insist that the original documents be verified alongside the translated documents. It’s wise to clarify with the appropriate agencies before furthering your cause.

A company with relevant expertise in the ground

At The Spanish Group, we can firmly assure you the credibility of our team of experts who are well versed with all the major trends in modern Spanish translation. Should we find something that we are new to, we will weigh in our options and attempt to help you with your specific requirements as well. We believe in speedy resolutions and transparency. Our teams are approachable with your questions should the need arise.

Run a quick look through our clientele. Would we be allowed to proudly display their brands as testimonies to our growing partnership without due reason? If our partners are interested in continuing our services, it implies that we take thorough care of our relationship and in the fullest form of sincerity and diligence.

Give us a call or add in your requirements to a quick quote for your needs. We are here to help.


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