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What Famous Astrologers can say about you by the Vowels in Your Name?

Have you ever heard the term spirit urge or the heart’s desire? Astrologers in India who study numerology believe that the vowels that are present in your birth name say a lot about you. This is known as soul or spirit urge. When compared to destiny, its importance is much less. Your destiny can be determined from your full name and your life path can be determined through your birth date.

The famous astrologers and vashikaran specialist tell you about the vowels of your name and it’s pretty easy too. One has to do the simplest thing which is adding the vowels that are in your birth certificate. Keep on adding the numbers until you get a single number. The single number that you get is your soul urge number.

Vowels and Their Value

We all know the vowels of English are A, E, I, O, U so their value are:

  • A = 1
  • E = 5
  • I = 9
  • O= 6
  • U = 3

What does your vowel number say about you?

Just when you get a single number after following the way mentioned by the online astrologers in India, check what your vowel number tells about you and your personality.

  • Soul Urge 1

If you succeed in any competition, it fills you with happiness and contentment. You simply love the sense of becoming a champion. For you, winning will make people accept you more and appreciate you.

  • Soul Urge 2

Those who get soul urge 2, are always in search for harmony, peace and love. You without any second thoughts prefer solving the issues of your life through negotiation and medication. By doing this you get a sense of achievement.

  • Soul Urge 3

You love engaging yourself in creative ventures that fill your mind with pleasure. You feel very good in showcasing your verbal and written talents to enhance your status in your nearby surroundings.

  • Soul Urge 4

Your financial condition as well as your professional life is balanced and stable. You feel good when you have others appreciating your expertise, understanding and knowledge.

  • Soul Urge 5

You want to totally control your life affairs. You feel really happy if you get go anywhere you want to and do anything that you love to. You just want to experience life in a fun way.

  • Soul Urge 6

Every best astrologer in India who uses numerology believes that if there is anyone that has the soul urge number 6 has to appreciated as well as acknowledged. You feel really glad and content if you have your family and friends looking after you.

  • Soul Urge 7

You are a good appreciator of your nature since your childhood. Also, the wonders that world do leave you awestruck. More than spending time with anyone you love to be alone.

  • Soul Urge 8

Your main and major focus is on gaining authority, right and power. Having financial freedom, well-established business and a secure job offers you with a lot of happiness.

  • Soul Urge 9

You feel obliged if you can do something for others. You just want to do something which can make a difference in the world.


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