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What Can You Do to Lower the Cost of a Car Service?

Car services are essential for your safety and the maintenance of your vehicle but they don’t have to be expensive.

Your car service price will depend on the make of your car along with the engine size, and you can compare the most competitive car service prices on the Motor Quoters website.


On our blog “What’s included in a car service?” you’ll see all the different checks that are carried out when your car is taken into the garage. Bearing this in mind, we have a few tips on how to help your car service along and thus reduce the overall cost of the car service / MOT and your general car maintenance.

Turn Off the Radio

A lot of people drive with the radio at such a volume that they can’t actually hear the car running. Try taking a journey without the radio for a full five minutes so you can listen for any sounds that may be out of the ordinary. A general rule of car maintenance is, the sooner the problem is identified and fixed, the cheaper the cost of repair will be. Driving a vehicle with a fault can actually damage other parts of the car and this can be easily avoided.

Change the Fluids

Changing the oil, the coolant and windscreen washing fluids is easy once you know how. Keeping your car topped up with the right oil is also good practice for keeping the engine in a tip top condition. If you learn the basics, and make these checks a habit, you’ll find the cost of a car service could be lowered.

Under Pressure

Maintaining the optimum tyre pressure is actually very easy but there are a lot of car owners who ignore this simple, rewarding side of car maintenance. The wrong tyre pressure can put a strain on the car’s engine while making driving more difficult. Here’s how to do it at your local petrol station or garage:

How to Find Out the Best Tyre Pressure for Your Car

Find your manufacturer’s handbook, this will tell you what pressure your vehicle’s tyres should be

If you don’t have that, look inside of the open door (where you’d usually find the child lock) and there should be a metal badge with the information on.

Use the “free air” at the petrol station to fill your tyres to the correct pressure. Some service stations charge money for this, but it’s not usually more than 20 pence.

The gauge on the pump, will tell you when the pressure of your tyre is at the level/ number for your car.

Repeat for all four tyres.

The right tyre pressure can help with winter driving and some even think it helps with fuel consumption too, so it can aid your safety while saving you money!

Keep it Clean

Some people believe that dirt protects a car but it can also be a nuisance, especially if you’ve driven through a lot of rain or on muddy ground. The dirt can stick to the joints underneath the car and cause stiffness with the gears and other mud caked problems! Keeping the car clean, on the parts you can’t see, can save you a lot of money on a car service.

Do you have any tips on how to save money on a car service? If so, we would love to hear them. Please do get in touch or leave a comment on our social media channels.


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