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Ways to Travel More Often

Every now and then, there simply comes a time when we need to forget it all and just recharge our batteries. The best way to do so is to take a trip abroad and by leaving your comfort zone, broaden your horizons and rejuvenate yourself. However, this is not always an option and two most common reasons against this are obligations at home or financial difficulties. When it comes to responsibilities, you can always take a leave or arrange things differently to gain at least 7-10 days for your vacation. As for the finances, if you play your cards right, you can make your trip quite frugal. Here are some ways to save money so that you can travel more often.

It’s all about the little things

Just think about it, there are 365 days per year and if you were to save just $3 every day, that would amount to almost $1,100 per year. Needless to say, this amount (and much more) can be saved, by changing virtually nothing in your lifestyle. From changing to a bit less expensive coffee brand, to going to a different gym. Needless to say, this type of saving doesn’t make a noticeable difference in your lifestyle, but can be more than enough to cover most or even all of your trip. In other words, if you are planning towards traveling more, this is as good place as any to start.

Working more

Naturally, sometimes spending less is simply out of question (for whatever reason) so at that time, what you need to do is try and earn some more. The easiest way to do so is to find another job. Sure, this sounds easier than it actually is, but today there are so many ways you can earn money from home, that it doesn’t need to pose a serious problem. For example, you can always trade on EBay, offer editorial services or even sell art and craft items that you make in your own free time. Just make a special fund, that you will stock up with money earned this way and you will be well on your way to make all the difference.

Thinking about it in time

Another thing that you can do in order to afford yourself a vacation is to start thinking in time about it in due time. However, paying too early can bear many risks, since you never know what direction is your currency going to take in the next period of time. Luckily, you can always resort to fixed exchange rate holidays, where your payment provider gives you the opportunity to lock in the exchange rates, once you make an arrangement. In this way, the security of your investment is completely guaranteed.

Work or study abroad

Another way to save money while still going on vacation is to have someone else pay for it. Namely, you can always apply for foreign study program, and in this way get to experience another country from a completely different perspective. You could also apply for a work visa and spend one to three months working abroad. In this way, not only do you save money while on vacation but you also earn some more. However, this is not all fun and games and you will be expected to put in some serious effort in order to justify your stay there.

Festina lente

Getting caught up in too much planning is a nightmare for most people, but perhaps the only thing even worse than that is a spur-of-the-moment vacation. Not preparing yourself for a trip and hitting the road without any planning is a risky business. You do not want to miss the boat and take chances, unless there is no other way. If you are already falling behind with your schedule, by staying flexible with location, length, and accommodation is a natural way to navigate through the labyrinth of preparations. So, mind the time, and you will be able to have a whale of it abroad.
As you can see, where there is will, there is always a way and with the right plan, you can travel for as much as you like. Whether you have a new saving method, an additional job or a revolutionary idea that will allow you to travel on someone else’s expense, you need to think it all through. Each and every one of these approaches has its drawbacks and advantages and you need to find which one suits you the most.


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