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Useful Tips to buy the best Basketball Shoes

Useful Tips to buy the best Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a high intensity sport where your feet are under constant stress. This makes it important to select good quality footwear that offers maximum protection. As the sport involves running, jumping and fast movements, basketball shoes must provide stability,flexibility, support and adequate cushioning.Right pair of basketball shoes help to protect your feet and also enhance your game performance.

With so many brands of brands selling basketball shoes, it would be a challenge to find the right one. You can buy basketball shoes online where you have the advantage of visiting large number of sites and also have price comparisons. It is highly recommended to try them before buying them. You can read online reviews of various brands, online shoes store and then make your buying decisions.

Tips to buy good basketball shoes

Comfort and fit

You should buy shoes that are comfortable to wear as the factor of comfort is most important. You have to find out whether you are comfortable in high-top, mid-top or low-top. However, vast majority of players opt for high-tops as they provide high ankle support.

For a perfect fit, it is important to know your shoe size. As the shape of your feet changes with time, it should not be assumed that your shoe size will be same as before. It is best to get your feet measured at an athletic footwear store. This will help you choose the correct shoe size.

Shoes that do not fit properly would be detrimental to the player. Best basketball shoes need to fit in properly as this will help avoid injuries due to constant stress. Shoes should be of the right size. If you are buying online, you can check your size from shoe size charts available online.

Choice of materials

Basketball shoes were made originally in canvas and then companies made most of them in leather. But nowadays, you find high-tech, synthetic uppers gaining more popularity due to its super lightweight feature and its ability to offer stability. Leather uppers are replaced by lightweight combination uppers that provide breathability and flexibility.

Closure systems

Check for the closure systems like laces, straps, Velcro’s and zippers. Basketball shoes should have good closure systems to keep your feet snug and secure during the game.  Basketball shoes with good lacing systems help to increase the stability during play. Straps offer protection from ankle roll-over. Zippers are a newly introduced feature in basketball shoes and Velcro’s are generally not recommended.

Cushioning materials used in midsole

Midsole is the important part of a basketball shoe. It is the shock absorbing material that is made of EVA or compressed EVA, polyurethane or in their combinations. Many brands also use proprietary cushioning technologies for their basketball shoes. It is best to look for thin layer of cushioning in order to keep your base of support stable.

Gaming needs

You need to choose basketball shoes based on your gaming needs. If you are a power player, you will need heavy weight shoes that provide maximum cushioning and stability. All round players should choose shoes with cushioning features and with moderate ankle support. Fast players should opt for lower cut, light-weight shoes that provide cushioning, flexibility and moderate support.

Shoe weight

You should enquire the weight of your shoes before buying. A standard basketball shoes should weigh around 8-10 ounces.


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