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Ticker tape the new information broadcast device on board

Ticker tapes helps in creating a great working atmosphere and increases the dynamism when it comes to information update, we started believing in this when we actually got one these digital tapes installed in our office. We are a stock broking firm located in Texas and have hugely benefited from the LED Stock ticker. Whether you are a stock marketing agency or you are a fashion house or you are making a visit to the exhibition, the most common thing that makes the ambiance of the lively are the long strips of tapes scrolling around flashing baffling numbers and news. These digital tapes are nothing but ticker tapes that are also commonly known as LED stock ticker tape. Besides their usage in stock exchange another area where it has gained huge popularity is sports where they are popularly known as LED sports ticker.


Tickerplay has gained expertise in manufacturing these tapes with great efficiency. The LED stock tickers manufactured by us are convenient to use and at the same time, they work on real time basis. The information broadcasted by our LED ticker tapes is with minimum time lag hence, we can say that our product displays maximum data with minimum time lag. The reason LED stock ticker tapes gained popularity is because they give real time information about the stock market which makes it easy for people to understand market condition and make the investment.  Moreover, at many places the ticker tapes are scrolled outside the building so that the public is also aware of the changing market scenario.

These ticker tapes are customizable which means the tapes are manufactured using the space availability. The boards have LED display which makes the information legible and can be read from a good distance.  Moreover, our LED ticker tapes smoothly display information and that too with least time lag.


Since these tapes are used rigorously and continuously, every client demands a product with least maintenance and when you are using Tickerplay’s ticker tapes then be rest assured that you will have to spend minimum time on its maintenance. Moreover, these ticker tapes are energy efficient which means they consume less power and at the same time they are light on pocket.

Apart from out stock ticket, Tickerplay’s LED sports ticker displays sports information derived from various sources like ESPN News, NBA, NFL, NASCAR etc.  We also have a provision to integrate with third party data like Reuters, Bloomberg etc. Hence, these tapes show the summation of data that has been collected from different sources.

Tickerplay has 6 different hardware specifications making our product customizable and can be used indoor or outdoor depending on the client’s requirement. These ticker tapes have evolved with time and are also updated as per the new advancement in this field. When it comes to the data feed, our ticker tapes are dynamic in nature; we derive information or data from different sources and the accumulated information is displayed on the tapes.  These data are from different market segment like healthcare, fashion, sports, entertainment, news flash etc.

The ticker tapes are evolving as a popular medium to broadcast information that is delivered to the people with the minutest of time lag and if you are willing to walk along with the world, it is important to remain updated; Tickerplay Ticker Tapes will help you with all the information that you need and that too with minimal time gap.

Our firm is growing every day and our agents get in more and more investors, in order for us to make an intelligent investment keeping the market condition in mind ticker tapes are the best way to get the current market scenario just at a glance. The LED stock ticker have not only helped our clients to gain profits but have helped us to make our name in market as one of the best firm that  helps its client’s money invested in the stocks that most of the times earn profit.


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