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Things to Look for in a New Home Elevator Pittsburgh

Home elevators Pittsburgh, once considered as a luxury feature has now become a practical solution for people with mobility challenges. In contrary to what many people think, home elevators are not just for the elders; young people with disabilities can also use elevators. Moreover, homeowners are today looking forward to installing home elevators to improve the resale value of their property.

Stair lifts Pittsburgh have been a common sight in many homes, but slowly they are being replaced with the modern and stylish home elevators. However, to ensure you get the best benefits and maximum ROI, here are some things that you must look for before purchasing a home elevator:


This is the first and the most important factor to look for. Before buying an elevator check with the manufacturer whether the device meets the safety standards. Home elevators are also required to pass through several rigorous tests to ensure that there is no risk for the inmates. The safest home elevators are provided with advanced features such as emergency stop button, emergency alarm and light, manual lowering unit, cable safety devices, etc. So compare elevators from several manufacturers and choose the one that provides the best safety features.

The Right Type of Elevator

Home Elevator Pittsburgh

Home elevators in Pittsburgh are of three types, namely hydraulic, traction elevator or MRL and pneumatic elevator. Each elevator has its set of pros and cons so depending upon your specific needs you should choose the one that best suits your requirements. Moreover, each kind of elevator has a specific space requirement, so you need to consult with the dealer or manufacturer about which one is best suited for your home.

Repair and Maintenance

You would not want the elevator to go out-of-order now and then. So you need to make sure that the elevator you are investing in provides maximum efficiency and that the dealer or manufacturer offers prompt repairing and maintenance services whenever required. Many dealers would ask clients to sign an AMC (annual maintenance contract) so that they can inspect the accessibility system regularly and make repairs whenever needed.


Home elevators are available at all price points, so you must choose the one that suits your budget. Remember, each model is provided with a particular set of features and specifications, so instead of choosing an elevator based on price alone; it is best to look for the features and compare the prices from various manufacturers or dealers. You can also consider negotiating the prices to see whether you get any benefit or not.

Home elevators and stair lifts in Pittsburgh have simplified the lives of many people, but it is necessary that you choose the right equipment. So, evaluate the safety factor, additional features provided, etc. to decide which equipment is the best fit within your budget. Spending a few hundred dollars would be wise if it ensures extra safety and better features. After all you want the best for yourself or your loved ones, so it is advisable to invest in equipment that makes their lives easier, comfortable and happier.


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