Suffering from Hair Loss? Check out Causes Here!

Over 60-70% of men face hair loss problems at some stage in their life. Now, the question is why hair loss is so common, and that too men in particularly? Well, women suffer from hair loss, but they are luckily as baldness is not the word for them.

Let us have a look at the causes why all men face balding.

Hair Loss Due to Balding Gene

Genetics is the major cause of hair thinning, especially in men. Balding gene would be there in their DNA in men but they will determine it when they start losing their hair. There will be high chance that you will end up with hair loss if you see a lot of bald heads in your family. But heredity hair loss does not wait for you to turn 50, it starts catching up an individual by mid 30s and as early as in the young age.

The major question is how the hair loss is determined in a specific person? After having a look at the hair pattern, doctors can easily differentiate genetic hair loss from others. Genetic baldness follows a specific pattern. That’s why it is commonly known as male pattern baldness.

Diet – Nutritional Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency is one of the reasons for hair thinning. Several nutrients such as iron, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids play an essential role for the healthy growth of hairs. Minerals like Zinc, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Selenium, play their role in keeping your hair strong and healthy. Deficiency in any nutrient or mineral can show adverse effects on your hair health.


Stress not only destroys your overall health, but also for your skin and hair. If you undergone some physical or emotional trauma show hair loss signs, look back at your life and try to reduce stress in your life.


Smoking also causes hair thinning. The chemicals in the smoke of cigarette hamper the production of protein that makes the hair.

Environment and Pollution

Environmental pollution can also trigger and accelerate hair thinning. Excess of Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Iron and Copper can show negative effects on your physical health including hair loss.

Do you want to know more about hair loss or hair transplant according to your specific condition? Consult the best doctors and surgeons for an advice.


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