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Putting together the ultimate stag party

When your best friend tells you he’s getting married, all sorts of things flash through your mind – you’ll need to buy a new suit, would it be terrible to get him the Playstation he’s always wanted as a gift, and so on, and then you realize you’ll also need to put together the best night of his life, also known as the stag party. Depending on the depth of your pocket and the time you have to get organized, you might want to opt for one of about a dozen options, so choose wisely.

Location, location, location

If you and the gang have the time and funds to take your party to the road, you should definitely choose to do so. Nothing says “guy’s night out on the town” as renting a car and hitting the freeway, not really bothering to care where you’ll end up. While everyone else can do nothing but stick their tongue out the window and let loose, you, as the best man, have to keep yourself sober enough to know where the heck you are going.


If you want to keep it local, make sure to avoid the dreaded cliche of hitting nothing but strip clubs. While it may be what most of your guests will expect, you can be a bit more original that that, can you?

Head count

While having a rowdy crowd take possession of the entire club may seem like the ultimate dream, the truth is you will have much more fun if you keep the head count to a minimum. Don’t go overboard with the guest list, and only invite people the groom would be happy to spend time with, and who will know how to hang with you.

Themed up

If you feel your friends can take it, have the entire event revolve around a specific theme. If not, you can always just hit the slots and take no prisoners. Whatever you choose to do, try to focus on what the groom would want to experience, and not fulfill your own darkest dream.


Ultimately, if your thing is playing Mario Kart and drinking imported beer, then that is what you should be doing. No need to go overboard and move completely out of everyone’s comfort zone for the sake of making the night memorable.

Weekend at Barney’s

Last, but not least, you do not want to end up with a dead body on your hands. Keep the drinking within reason – you might not be the only one who’s buying, but there is no need to include an emergency room visit to your itinerary.

If you plan on indulging in a smoke or two, make sure you know what you are about to inhale, and know how your body will react. If you plan on going any further than that – well, again, make sure you know what you are doing, and don’t turn an otherwise memorable evening into a disaster.

All in all, it actually doesn’t really matter what you do on the night of the stag. All of you, and especially the groom, will remember it forever – unless you make him forget all the facts of life in that one evening.


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