Piggy Back on the Hashtag Trend: How to Use It to Increase Your Reach

Internet language has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Hashtags are a big part of the evolution. Ever since Chris Messina introduced them in 2007, the face of social media has never been the same. No wonder marketers and people alike are curious about this phenomenon.

Hashtags have evolved considerably, as well. From #posts that were #filled with #irrelevant #hashtags, nowadays, these symbols have grown to boost social shares, increase awareness, and make the content more visible. The reason it is easy to increase your reach with hashtags is the fact they have a very user-friendly mechanism – by clicking on it, you get to see more statuses with that particular hashtag.

So how can you use them to make the most of your reach?

Let’s find out!

  • Develop Brand Engagement

You can easily build brand engagement for your marketing agency through hashtags since you can connect yourself with many topics that are very popular and visible. By doing so, you will most likely attract new viewers, and the opportunity to interact with them will arise. More importantly, hashtags should not be used in every single post, or when responding to someone.

  • Keep It Simple

The two most important things that you must keep in mind when choosing a hashtag are the following: it must be easy to remember and trendy enough for people to search for it. Avoid using difficult to spell or pronounce hashtags, or too long ones. However, here is a fine line, since posting a hashtag that is too generic won’t serve your purpose too well either. Also, try to find words that are relevant to the content that you deliver, all while keeping them simple and on point.

  • Try To Bring Something Special to the Table

Twitter chats are the perfect time to use hashtags to attract people in your community. But here’s the catch: to use hashtags successfully, you must connect them to events that are taking place in the social media word. So, always keep an open eye for hot topics.

Which brings us to…

  • See What’s Trending

Most people ignore Twitter’s trends feature. What they don’t realize is that this option can help you engage with users interested in the same topics as you. You can use Trends see a list of topics that got the most retweets from users. If there are any trends related to your niche, then you should tweet about it.

However, simply throwing a hashtag in a conversation without pursuing any value whatsoever won’t help you much. It is essential that the trending hashtag will compliment the meaningful content that you’ve written.

For example, as a fashion designer, you might have wanted to mention a few things about #the dress – the viral phenomenon that had people everywhere fight over the color of a dress.

  • Don’t Abuse Hashtags

You don’t want to leave the impression that you are trying to spam your followers, so it is best if you stick to using only two hashtags per post. Another fair point is the fact that not every post should contain hashtags since potential customers might get the feeling that you are too insisting in promoting your business.

  • Don’t Settle Just For Twitter

Now, virtually every platform except LinkedIn accepts hashtags, and this is one opportunity that you should really seize. Do You want a massive audience? Then feel free to spread the word in town about your business by making use of these hashtags everywhere. On Pinterest, since it is a rather small niche, use only one specific, helpful hashtag, while on Twitter go up to two hashtags per post to get the most of the people’s engagement.

Although Instagram allows you to get away with much more hashtags, it is probably best if you stick to 10. Facebook should host only two hashtags as well, since according to studies, this is the number that gets the best engagement.

  • Take the Time To Research It

Sometimes, although a hashtag might seem right, you can end up discovering that it is used in a completely different way by other people. The line here is very thin, and you must be cautious not to use hashtags that are easily misinterpreted. Also, if you are trying to raise awareness regarding your brand, first make sure that there isn’t another company out there using the same hashtag, in the exact line of work.

As a sum up, keep in mind that hashtags must be catchy, short, unique (as much as possible) and able to stir up conversations.


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