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PayPal’s users should aware off: 15 most common scams

In the current world, online payments and bank payment or credit card payment are at their peak. The corporate world most importantly uses online methods in order to make their flow of money secure and faster. Through media resources, we often see videos, product images and the log of PayPal platform. It is one of the most advanced payment system platforms in today’s world. Almost 200 million active users PayPal have currently. It is available in 200 markets across the globe and it enables merchants and consumers to receive money in more than 100 currencies. In spite of all its advantages and popularity among users, also have plenty of scams with PayPal. The fraudsters took advantage of PayPal fame, so they adopt different sort of scams in order to steal the money of any user. No one wants to be a victim of fraudsters, so users should learn how they can avoid from most common PayPal scams. There are following scams a user should need to avoid.

PayPal Scams

False emails:

Fraudsters usually send emails to PayPal users and make a statement in the mail that you have received a payment or you have to verify some information or you have to update your account. In most of the incidents happens to users that fraudsters send the email containing attachments which are the sign of fake emails. So, users can easily recognize that email having attachments are not from PayPal because PayPal email doesn’t consist of attachments and usually these false emails have sent through the false address. Therefore a user can recognize these false emails and can easily avoid from being cheated.

False websites:

Scammers have a number of tactics to dodge you in order to get some money from your account and they are also able to make false websites very similar to the real one. So, users should realize and keep their eye open in order to know either they are visiting genuine email or website. If you sign in the false website then you will regret it ever. Users can identify the false websites through browsing verification. The user should make sure that the website he or she is visiting is 100% genuine.

Advanced fee claim:

Scammers also claim to users that you have won the huge amount of money, so if you want to get that money you have to pay advance payment. They usually made a solid reason that you have to pay advance payment because of taxes and for legal documents. So, users don’t focus on these types of false claims.

False claim of prize:

Scammers send users an email and claim that you have won the prize, which can be anything, so you have to pay some amount in order to get the prize. They will tell you that the amount that you are going to pay is for shipping. Once you have paid the amount, it will direct go into the hands of the scammers. So avoid these types of false claims.

Great investment deals Scams: 

PayPal scams become even more dramatic when scammers send user’s email which says that invest your money and get benefit from it. These sorts of emails encourage users with cache phrases like “Hurry up” and “Act Fast” in order to convince users. So, users should avoid these sorts of investment deal scams.

Fake charities Scams:

A user can understand the pathetic nature of scammers because they do frauds during natural disasters and terrorist attacks and persuade users to send money in order to help the people who lost their homes or their loved ones. Softhearted people send money with their open heart in order to make some condolences to those people who are victims. So, users should confirm the emails which they have received.

Overpaid scams:

It happens occasionally when PayPal users by mistake overpaid the purchase price of their order, so scammers use this mistake and tell you they overpaid the amount and make the demand to send the remaining amount. These kinds of fake statements should be avoided in order to avoid any kind of fraud from fake PayPal users.

Promotional scams:

Sometimes, PayPal users receive emails which usually based on advertising information regarding jobs and many other opportunities based advertising. So, users should avoid these kinds of fake promotional scams because PayPal doesn’t indulge in this sort of advertising.

Business base Frauds:

Fraudsters send the email to being a business man and ask you to be his partner in order to sell some goods. This fake businessman can offer you to use your PayPal account in order to pay transitory. Users have to avoid this sort of scams because it will cost you heavy.

Reshipping the package:

Usually, the merchants don’t use to of shipping items out of their country. Scammers always need a local man which helps them to take goods of their country, which enable to scammers to avoid arrest by the authorities.

Package rerouting scam:

Most of the times the PayPal users are asked to help regarding their order because it is impossible to receive; a company could not be able to ship at user’s address. At last users may pay additional rerouting payment you did not ask for.

Pre-paid shipping label fraud:

PayPal users often receive the order from a particular client and ask to use their prepaid label to pay shipping cost. If users provide the label then client have complete influence over shipping, therefore check the order in order to avoid any fraud.

Sounds good offer:

Users most of the time receive some kind of offers having statements this will benefit you and you will get this and that, always remember don’t rely on this kind of offers and should conform from PayPal authorities or customer services.

Payment through PayPal:

Sometimes, clients or customers said that they can pay through only PayPal and you replied that you don’t have PayPal account. Then your customer says this is not an issue and will send you email having a number of links to the system, always remember your client is setting you up. These links belong to fake sites, so avoid this sort of fake payment through PayPal.

Payment delivered Scam:

Some fake customers can send you the email in which you will see a transaction and payment has been made stuff, it will look alike an original transaction. Don’t send your product until you log in to your account and see. You will realize that there is no transaction has been made. Always keep your eyes open, because scammers are very professional in their line of business.


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