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Oil in Cylinder



The cylinder plays a very important role towards the movement of your car. It is the core of your car’s engine. If the cylinder is not working properly, the car will have severe combustion problems, which might lead to even greater complications. One of the most common problems observed in many car engines, is the issue of oil leaking into cylinders. This occurs due to various reasons, which are discussed below.

Potential Causes

If you have changed your spark plugs in recent weeks, then you might notice oil leaking into cylinders. If this is the case, you should have the piston rings and valve guides checked. They are main suspects, as far as this issue is concerned. The most logical solution would be an engine overhaul, in order to rectify the problem from the core.

Some people might opt to replace the rings, due to the huge costs involved in doing an engine overhaul. However, this will only be a short-term solution. After some time, there will be increased valve leakage, if you concentrate on the rings alone. On the other hand, if the oil was just on the part of the spark plug that sticks out, then you should be checking the valve cover gasket. Faulty valve seals are another cause of cylinders full of oil.

This problem has also been observed on cars with a high engine mileage. If that is the case, then the oil from the crankcase might be going past the pistons and control rings, all the way to the cylinder. Oil could also be getting into the cylinder, through the valve stem guides. You should also ensure that your crankcase is not overfilled with oil, since this might lead to oil getting into the cylinders. If you are still unsure, the best thing is to visit a car mechanic and request them to run a dry and wet compression test. Once this is done, you will be able to eliminate the rings as one of the main reasons behind this leak.

You might also be changing your spark plug because of being filled up with oil. This is mostly done, especially when the engine is misfiring. If that is the case, the car might be using more oil that it should or the water in the radiator is filled with a layer of oil. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should consider changing your oil filter. If it is none of these issues, then you should proceed with your daily car use, and let it develop further, so that it can be attended to holistically. What you just need to observe is the oil and water levels.

Another reason why you might be having oil running into cylinders, could be gasket heads. The head gasket keeps the oil and engine coolant out of the combustion chamber as well as cylinders. If you want to be sure about this, just remove the radiator cap and start it. You should be able to observe nickel sized bubbles emanating from your radiator. If the bubbles appear small, then your head gasket is fine. However, if they appear larger, then your head gasket might be having problems. Although this method is not 100% accurate, it works most times. You should also consider cleaning your valves, since they are filled with junk after several miles.

Consider Using Synthetic Oils

As highlighted above, the valve cover gasket might be the main problem, why you are finding the cylinder filled with oil. If that is the case, then you should consider using synthetic oils, instead of the conventional oils. Not only are synthetic oils refined, they are also purified, distilled, as well as simplified into their basic molecules. With this process, impurities are fully removed from the crude oil. Additionally, the individual oil molecules are able to satisfy the demands of modern car engines.

Synthetic oils don’t contain any molecules or contaminants which have no value to the running of the engine. Due to their versatility and pure molecular structures, they are able to offer optimum fuel efficiency, better fuel-reduction together with extreme temperature performance. These properties are very hard to find when relying on conventional oils. If you want a cleaner engine, then you should consider shifting to synthetic oils.

Bottom Line

Oil leaking into cylinders, might be because of various factors. If you encounter this, the most logical thing to do, would be to seek the help of an experienced and qualified mechanic, to establish the root cause. You should also consider using synthetic oils, for better performance and longer engine life.


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