Nutritional Value Revolving Around Cold Press Juice

Nowadays, the health conscious class has only one question in mind. Is cold press juice your one-way ticket to a healthy lifestyle? Well, if you have a direct chat with a dietitian, then you will get the answer. This kind of juice is currently acting as the elixir for nutrient deprived and time-starved lives. A single bottle will not cost you more than few pennies, but it is worth every dollar you spent. It is true that if you are a fitness freak, and if you have been drinking the juices that are available as tetra packs in the market, then you are prone to develop many diseases related to the high concentration of preservatives in the juices. On the other hand, it is not the case with natural cold pressed juice.

A quick drinkable form

Well, the cold press juice is nothing but a quick drinkable form of different fruits and vegetables, in a layman’s term. Whether you are a die hard yoga fan or have been busy in the gym, incorporating this drink in your diet plan will provide you with some life changing effects. At present, people are more into the job and are working their strengths out in 9 to 5 working hours. In such a stressed out scenario, these juices act like a heaven for the health conscious people.

juice cold pressed

How is the cold press juice synthesized?

  • Well, before you jump into any conclusion and start investing pennies in cold press juice, you should probably start getting some ideas about it. These juices are mainly made with the help of hydraulic pressure, for extracting maximum liquid from these fresh vegetables and fruits. Since there is no application of any heat, the ingredients of the juice are retained and you get the exact nutritional value as compared to even ten glasses of juice that you drink from the tetra packs. However, there are some other points, which you better note down too. As these juices are practically raw form, therefore; you have to consume them within 2 to 3 days, maximum.
  • You cannot store them for more than three days, even if you are keeping it inside the fridge. Within four days, microbes start to form in these juices, and the products will start fermenting.
  • If you happen to consume the drink after that, there are some life threatening results, waiting for you then, especially for the pregnant women and young children.
Cold Press Juice

Reasons to call cold pressed juices healthy

Now, after going through thorough discussion, you have finally come to the decision that cold press juice is a nutritious drink. How can you prove it? Well, the points listed below, are enough to do so.

  • Vegetables and fruits are great sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, cold pressing the products thoroughly will keep the vitamins and minerals intact.
  • As this juice is delivering 100% of minerals and vitamins, therefore; your body will get every good quality of nutrient, which it deserves. As these juices are exposed to minimal air and heat, therefore; it will not lose the major healthy component.
  • This kind of juice can hold more minerals, vitamins and enzymes, as present in a complete fruit. As the majority of vegetables and fruits have less fat, therefore; the juices will never incorporate pounds in your diet.

However, it is mandatory to add some extra food items with cold press juice, for a complete nutritional diet plan. As these fruits and vegetables are free from protein and fat, therefore; relying on these juices will not be a clever idea. It is easy to complement your dietary routine, along with these juices, as you can get the desired amount of vitamins and minerals from these juices and also not gain weight or suffer from any kind of ailments.


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