Must Know Facts about Hair Transplantation

Having a beautiful head of hair reflects your personality and it can do wonders for your self-confidence. There are various hair transplantation treatments that revitalize your hair and give your hair the strength, thickness and the charm it deserves.

So, what’s hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that involves removal of hair follicles from the donor area i.e. back and sides of the head and implanting them on the recipient area (bald area). The basic concept of hair transplantation is based on the principle of donor dominance that helps to regain its properties when moved to a new area.

Hair transplantation can be done in both men and women. This process involves the division of two separate areas. The area in the front, the middle part of scalp and crown is vulnerable to balding whereas the area at the back and sides of the scalp is not. This process involves the transfer of permanent hair that is present at the back and sides of the scalp to the areas of balding.

What can be expected from Hair Transplantation?

As patient’s own hair is transplanted in hair transplants, natural hair that is trimmed, cut or styled can be expected. This hair looks natural and they will last for life. It’s highly unlikely that patient will ever loose transplanted hairs. With state-of-the-art hair treatments, hair transplantation can help your hair shine.

What are the different techniques of hair transplantation?

• Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting (URFUG)
• Mega & Super mega sessions
• FUE or DHT technique
• Trichophytic closures
• Latest method is the combined FUT+FUE technique

The future of hair transplantation

The future of hair transplantation seems promising due to the medical advancements in this field. With the minimization of adverse effects coupled with the enhancements in the treatments for hair, loss control makes transplantation a sustainable solution for treating hair loss. State-of-the-art equipments that are used for dissecting the grafts and placing them with speed and accuracy will clearly impact the future of this surgery.


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