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Is online fashion shopping prioritising women only?

Hi, gorgeous women… how are you all? I am sure most of you must have smiled while reading the headings for today’s topic. Isn’t it? We all know there was a time when women were treated as a mere doormat and men were the dominant personalities. Today, the times have changed, if not entirely, but most of the things have really undergone a huge alteration which has proved to be a boon for the women’s fashion online shopping. But has that affected men in a bad way? Frankly, being a woman I feel a bit exhilarated as well as a bit pity for our naive, innocent men who are really being ignored in today’s fashionable era. I know no man would ever accept the fact of ignorance in the society because of their so-called ego and male chauvinism, but really, don’t you also feel the same? 

Take any sector for that matter, from technology to fashion, from production to services, from marketing to finance, from communications to entertainment, women are leading the world everywhere. This form of gender inequality is really gaining super duper hype and trust me… women are enjoying this!!! And why not, it has been for so long that women have become the prime focus of so many sectors, nations, and the world.  I know men would feel jealous of the same as they hardly get an opportunity to explain themselves, but what to do… they have already cherished their prestigious images and now it is the time for the women to do so.

Women have entered each and every sphere of the men dominated territory, but still it takes a lot more for the men to enter into women’s roles. Most of the things that I have observed are quite centered towards women, from producing a product to finally making it accessible to the end consumer is revolving around the women. To exemplify, if we watch an advertisement of men’s cologne then you would surely witness the presence of women, but if the product is from the women’s category say a bath soap for women, then it would hardly need a man to sell it. Many think that it is just an act of the stereotype of a woman, but I really take this as a privilege of being a woman and using our inevitable presence in each and every sector.

Even the entertainment industry cannot work without women, but can do without the men… isn’t that funny? Take Kangana Ranaut for example, she is one of those Bollywood queens who has got the guts to shake the box office solely without any male actor. And I really love her for this, and then Ms. Bharti Singh, the other woman who is an actor, and popularly renowned for being a stand-up comedian is equivalent to many male comedians for her talent.

Apart from the entertainment industry, the fashion industry is also nothing without women, in fact, the other name which could be titled to fashion would be ‘women’ only. Watching on the high streets, or even in the local markets, the western dresses which are displayed on the ramp walks are mostly adopted by the real women of the society while for men, there are a few styles or varieties which are evident in the real world. In fact, a study revealed that men only wear 13 pcs of their regular clothes in spite of spending more than women on clothes. Do they actually have 13 different styles to wear? I really wonder!!! Poor fashion deprived chap.

While I was a kid, I used to compare myself with boys that how easy their life is, no worries to choose among the latest western dresses, easy and convenient styles of wearing the same shorts or denim and a shirt, and getting ready in a jiffy. Whereas being a girl, it used to take so much time and effort for us to get that perfect look, firstly selecting one out of so many (literally) and then matching the perfect contrast of bottoms and finally looking for the perfect accessories and shoes and yet the look felt incomplete. But today when I am all grown up, the things are much advanced and better for me because if I would have grown all my life in those shorts and denim only, I am sure the lack of variety in the fashion world would have killed me. Seriously… I am so pleased and relieved to be a woman… All thanks to the almighty and the chromosomes of my parents.

I wish I could get a chance to meet that brainy who wrote out the rules for women and men dressing, and if he would have been alive today, the fashion industry whether physical stores or online shopping sites for clothes would have been flooded with many numbers of styles and variety. And maybe men could complain someone for the biases done towards women. Women’s fashion is stealing the hearts of many and trust me the whole world is revolving around this only, from business hours to cozy private hours, from weekdays to weekends, from active workouts to laid back hours, everyone is busy looking at women’s fashion in each and every sense, while men get the leverage only when they are shirtless like Salman Khan, the one and only heartthrob from Bollywood.


But why is this injustice done to men? Why don’t they have the same kind of leverage to choose among many styles and assortment? Why is the comparison with women’s fashion being done? Why is there a lack of diversity in the development of men’s fashion in comparison to women’s fashion?

Have a look at the styles and fabrics available to men and women:-

 Dress SilkSpotted
 Trousers BeadsStriped
 Shorts LinenPatterned
 Dungarees CottonPlain
 Culottes Wool 
WOMENSuits Polyester 
 T-shirts Elastin 
 Blouses Lycra 
 Shirts Acrylic 
 Indian Suits   

The above list is just a sample to the assortment of women’s fashion but in reality it extends much more which neither can be imagined nor can be explained.

The one who wrote the rules probably knew the strength and inner power of women, her capability of handling more than one role at a time, her multitasking ability, her wisdom and her aesthetics to beautify everything she owns and that is why the rules came out with much variance and experimentation’s for women. Her flair, her risk-taking ability to experiment any sense of fashion and style, her learning skills have always kept the women at a level above than men, and maybe this the case that women have been blessed with this conglomeration in garments and accessories. And simply men cannot handle this risk when it comes to fashion, the designers have experimented quite less with their clothing styles.

But I should not blame the creative designers for that, it is the men who do not want to adopt the fashion of women while the vice versa case has been quite successful and clearly evident to the world. Men feel it as a second-hand option if it has already been tagged with a woman while women take it as their responsibility to rock the same style as if their own. The male ensemble has been prominently the trousers or a pair of denim matched up with a shirt or a t-shirt, right? Do you find any women in the entire world who is not able to carry this fashion statement as her own in spite it has been taken out of men’s  style? No, right… Even with the formal suiting’s, shorts, and even Indian Dhoti, what not, every fashion garment has been adopted by women quite gracefully and lovingly by just adding a pinch of femininity in the same.


To say that online shopping sites for clothes prioritize women and give more coverage to women’s wear than menswear, would be a biased statement to make, and I do not want to get strangled by a Fendi Cashmere scarf so would a more prosaic answer would be a much better option. Online fashion shopping is open to all, irrespective of the gender and the age group but still the women traffic is more than that of men. Is it because of the insatiable appetite of women or because men cannot spend that much time on the screens to shop one perfect outfit but can do for online games, and chatting?

Look at the image below and you might not need any justification… 

The answer is quite clear, isn’t it? The lack of patience is the real cause, women can actually devote the time and effort for online fashion shopping irrespective of the person she is buying for, herself, her family, her friends or someone else. While men cannot. The shopping experience limits male fashion, neither the designers nor the online shopping sites for clothes. Men click on to the specific category of the online shopping sites for clothes, add the item to the cart, make the payment and logout before their favorite football match starts or their online game session expires. It is more like a mission to be accomplished for them while making rather than making an investment. This is one of the reasons why women are assumed to be privileged for online fashion shopping despite the case is otherwise true.

So, who to blame for this is really not clear? But why women need to worry, women’s fashion is gracefully leaving its footprints for the others, growing year by year and is expected to flourish in the times to come. If men are really satiated with what they have then it is fine with us, and even if they are not how does that bother us? Right ladies? In much of the animal kingdom, it is the male species who has to put efforts to be colorfully well dressed in order to attract a mate they prance around in the finest feathers and display awesome splendor while women just need to en robe in the latest fashion.


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