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Easy Ways to Maintain Your Exhaust System

While some people choose their exhaust system solely based on the way it looks or sounds, there are those who realize its importance for the overall functioning of the vehicle. Namely, a quality exhaust system can easily make your car perform much better and even increase your horsepower. With this in mind, here are few easy tips about maintaining your exhaust system so that it continues to serve you will for ages to come.

Why Inspection is Important?

If you don’t know how to diagnose the problem within your exhaust system, you will just have to replace all of it every single time. This kind of practice can be devastating to your budget. Because of this, the first thing you need to master is proper inspection of your cars exhaust. Still, not everything can be measured in currency. Seeing how exhaust pipes lead away all those harmful gasses to the far end of the vehicle, one could also say that they play a vital role in keeping you and your family safe. That is something you just cannot put a price tag on.

The Most Obvious Indicators

Sure, you are not the mechanic, so you might not know all the details about the exhaust system, still, there are some symptoms that are more than obvious.

  • Strong smell of exhaust fumes: This is one of the most straightforward, but also one of the most dangerous symptoms out there. Even though it poses no immediate damage to the car itself, everyone in the vehicle might be in danger. Remember, the whole point of the exhaust system is to lead these harmful gasses away from the inside of your car, so if you can smell them from the driver’s seat there’s got to be a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed.
  • Strange noises: Although there is a great range of noises that might come from malfunctioning exhaust pipe, most people would classify them as loud popping, rumbling, or hissing. When this happens, it is most likely that you have a problem with the muffler.
  • Problems with emission system: Finally, and by far the easiest symptom to be spotted, if there is a problem with your car’s emission system, it might be that the fault lays in your vehicle’s exhaust. You can notice this by regularly checking the engine light on your dashboard.

Inspection Tips

If you suspect that your car’s exhaust system has some or all of the aforementioned problems, it is clear that it is time for an inspection. Here are few tips on where to start.

  • Check for cracks: This one is really the most straightforward inspections you can conduct on your exhaust system. Simply go under the car and look for any cracks. The place where manifold connects to the main pipe and cylinder is probably the most problematic part so it deserves most of your attention.
  • Look for rust or burn marks: Unfortunately, cracks are not the only damage you will find on the exterior of your car’s exhaust. Burn marks in the exhaust port or rust on muffler are also quite probable and are something you need to pay special attention to. The problem with rust is that it’s not always visible with the naked eye. So, if you fear that some part of your exhaust might have internal corrosion, simply try to stick it with a screwdriver. If the part of the pipe is “healthy” you shouldn’t be able to puncture it. It’s as simple as that.

Performance Exhaust System

performance exhaust
Finally, some people go for performance exhaust system in order to (as the name suggests) improve the performance of their vehicle. The tricky part, however, is that this particular kind of exhaust requires a lot more maintenance. According to experts from Cobra Sport Australia, those interested in keeping their exhaust system alive and kicking need to show special attention to its shields, exhaust joints and hangers. Exhausts with damper weights are even more tricky since if any of the weights breaks or bends, the vibration will noticeably increase. Now, even though might not be life threatening, it makes your drive much more unpleasant.


Regardless of how much money you spend on your car, without proper care and maintenance it’s bound to malfunction sooner or later. By letting it come to this, you will not only damage your budget, but also potentially endanger your life as well as those of other participants in the traffic. On the other hand, dedicating just few minutes of your time, every now and then, will be more than enough to keep everything in check. The decision is all yours.


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