Designing for the future: Trends we need to consider now

Designing is necessary to bring a rejuvenate and appealing feel to our home. Incorporating a natural look with wooden furniture, items will make our home look more natural and appealing. Following these trends or bringing nature indoors is a design trend that will stay in style for years to come. Making your home to look natural with wooden furniture is sure to bring a classic staple besides maintaining the latest trend and also it will never go out of style.

If you do not find the time to enjoy the nature, you can always decorate your home with the trendy designs.

The latest trends based on nature will make your home look more appealing. You can greet your home visitors with an attractive look that makes them feel comfortable.

The great trends that we need to consider now to design for the future are:  

1) Hyphae

Image Courtesy – homesandhues

This light looks like the veins that carry water throughout a plant’s leaves. Hyphae (3D printed lamps) are inspired from nature i.e. from a plant that entails a process to grow a vein structure from a seed. This kind of look will offer some amusement as well as delightfulness to everyone.

These lights can provide a natural touch to your home!


Image Courtesy – homesandhues

The QAANAAQ Lamp (It actually stole my heart) is made from a large, thorny group of branches, a lacquered metal base and an unbleached cotton shade providing it a natural elegance still remaining as modern design for the future as you could ever imagine.

3) Plantable


The idea of growing plants on the table looks refreshing. The intelligent design offers a planter at the base of each table leg that allows the open framework to allow climbing plants to grow up and under your dining room table. The design will automatically change your mood and can turn into a revitalizing one.

4) Bloom


Bloom includes the natural beauty of the wood making it the best thing ever. It is made with recovered wood stumps for the base and white resin to make a table top. The environmental tables that appear before our eyes can provide 100% happiness to use them.

5) Brass Decor Accents

Brass Decor Accents

Brass decors accents will bring a new look to your home besides keeping you to follow the trend. It would be possible to keep on trend with a salute to nature if you use these kinds of accents in your home.

Designing your home with products that are made based on nature will give you the utmost relaxation in the comfort of your own space. Following these trends will never be out of style.


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