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  • 4 tips to get an iPhone spy app with reasonable price

    Recently, I was inspiring myself with some ground breaking innovations on Kick starter and somehow, epiphanies got me surrendered. All of the featured campaigns that I came across were very reasonably priced with their pledged values going far beyond the goals. What does this all suggest? Well, this could possibly be a step towards an […]

  • Digital Wallets – A New Revolution?

    In the 1990s it seemed as if there is nothing that could ever get in the way of a credit card. In comparison to cheque and even cash payment, credit cards were so superior that it seemed quite improbable that more sophisticated method is ever going to be invented. Once again, history proved us all […]

  • Beware: Your Website’s Security May Be at Risk

    This article is geared towards highlighting the website’s security breaches that can spew out when the users are allowed to upload images by virtue of upload forms. Dynamic and interactive websites, that allow end users to upload images, are essential in the modern day internet world for bolstering the efficiency of a diverse range of […]

  • 10 Facts About Public Wi-FI that You Need to Know

    You can probably find a public Wi-FI hotspot on nearly every major block in the civilized world. It is just that common nowadays. Yet with great opportunity comes great risk, as there are problems with public networks when it comes to security. They are hunting grounds for cyber criminals and data-collectors, meaning that your private […]

  • How to increase the efficiency of the design your eCommerce website?

    E-commerce websites have become very popular these days. Nowadays, with widespread use of the internet people prefer to shop online as it gives them with plenty of options in the comfort of their home. However, this increasing popularity has led to tremendous popularity in the online world. Many new online stores have come in the […]

  • Factors that will impact the Performance of a Software Application: Keep an eye on these!

    Any software application be it for ERP (enterprise resource planning), accounting, business intelligence, risk management, human resource management or CRM software, it should perform at its best and meet its purpose in a seamless manner. Unfortunately, there are certain factors that impact the performance of a software application hampering its efficiency, utility and purpose. Here, […]