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  • Nutritional Value Revolving Around Cold Press Juice

    Nowadays, the health conscious class has only one question in mind. Is cold press juice your one-way ticket to a healthy lifestyle? Well, if you have a direct chat with a dietitian, then you will get the answer. This kind of juice is currently acting as the elixir for nutrient deprived and time-starved lives. A […]

  • Choosing to Have Your Skin Tightened by Lasers

    Aging is not a process we accept willingly. No one wakes up to wrinkles and decides they love the look. Instead, we seek out treatments to reverse any signs of aging. One such treatment is to have our skin tightened using laser procedure. This method has immediate results, making it highly desirable. How Laser Skin […]

  • Benefits of Joining Yoga Classes at a Gym

    It seems as if everyone is now aware of how only physical fitness is not enough. It also seems that more people now want to take care of their mental side as well. In a way, people want to achieve total health where both physical and mental fitness are tried to achieve. This is where […]

  • 3 Stages of Fasting to Help You Lose Weight

    Stage 1 A few hours without consuming carbohydrates lowers the blood glucose levels. The glycogen degraded as glucose and secreted into the bloodstream to nourish the cells of the body and especially the brain’s neurons. Stage 2 After 8 or 10 hours without food or without taking carbohydrates, there is no glycogen in the liver […]

  • What To Expect Before Pursuing The Yoga Teacher Training

    While you make your mind to go for the yoga teacher training, you need understand the path and things associated with it. Though, the course runs on a specified syllabus, it could be much more than that in practical. There can be so many questions that remain unanswerable when you look on the course structure. […]

  • Turmeric Is a Proven Healthy Spice – Include It in Every Curry to Have a Great Life Ahead!

    Turmeric may become most effective nutritional supplement for rest of the world. But there are many scientific studies existing and explaining that the spice holds major health(Healthy Spice) benefits for body and brain. Here in this post we are mentioning 10 evidence-based health benefits offered by Indian turmeric / haldi spice exporters. 1. The bioactive […]

  • Building Yourself on Glute Ham Exercises

    Glute ham exercises are the most underrated exercises out there. This type of exercises strengthens hamstrings at both the hip and the knee joint by working its two main functions: hip extension and knee flexion simultaneously. If you belong to a group of people who completely overlooked glute ham exercises read on any find out […]