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10 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycling is the best blend of fun, thrill and adventure. You can enhance your experience by having the best motorcycle accessories. Here are the top 10 things you should have.

Motorcycle helmets

Safety first! The fun and thrill apart, motorcycling can be a very risky activity. Millions of people die to due to the head injuries they sustain during road accidents. So, helmets are a must have. However, you need to be careful when you choose a helmet. The helmet should fit you snugly and suit the shape of your head.

Upper body protection

Your helmet protects your head. What about your torso and chest? A jacket is a good thing to have for casual riding since it provides better protection than a t-shirt. If you are going on an adventure ride of off-road trip, choose a nice body armour. A body armour is made of breathable fabric and has metal lining for strength.

Knee pads

Knees are one of the most important joints for locomotion. Knee injuries can leave you bed ridden or handicapped for lifetime. Good kneepads provide the much desired protection for your knees.


Boots are important because your feet take a beating from the pebbles, debris and asphalt flying from the road. Gum boots are the best for riding because sneakers really don’t provide much protection. Go for comfortable boots that fit well, have absorbent fabric lining and is weatherproof.


Leather gloves with special protection around the knuckles are good choices while riding. The gloves should be made of soft leather that feels supple on your hands. They should not crack or sag easily.

Riding suits

10 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

Riding suits are one-piece suits that are extremely comfortable. They fit snugly and do not allow moisture or wind to get in. They cover from neck to toe and provide good protection in case of a fall. 

Eye wear

Eye wear is one of the must have motorcycle accessories because they ensure clear visibility by blocking out the glare of sunlight. They also prevent tiny dust particles from falling into your eyes. Choose snug fitting glasses that protect your eyes against wind.


You need to have your toolkit handy all the time. In addition to the basic tools that you get along with the bike, you might want to add other tools to help you repair minor issues in the bike. Educate yourself with self-help guides and make sure that you understand the basic working of the bike.

Bike cover

It is always good to cover your bike when not in use. This way, you can ensure its safety and protection. You can prevent damages due to wind, rain and dust as well. The cover you purchase needs to be made of sturdy weatherproof fabrics such as rexine or plastics.

Motorcycle bag

A motorcycle bag refers to a pouch that can be fitted on to the bike to store different things. They are functional because you will not have to carry an extra bag on your back if you want to take things along with you on the journey.

The market is so full of motorcycle accessories that it often gets confusing to make the choice. Pay attention to quality because cheap accessories can pose a threat to your life in case of an accident.


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