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A Simple Guide for Choosing Oversized Wheels and Tyres

Well, there will be no one who wouldn’t love his or her vehicle and maintain it appropriately. Although a vehicle may become an extension of one’s personality, it is imperative that it functions appropriately as intended. To render full capability to a 4×4, specs like 4WD rims and tyres can facilitate the added ground clearance and off-road grip.

Rightly, the oversized wheels found commonly on the 4WDs these days serve all these functions and more, and so they have remained in demand during the past years. With most of the leading tyre manufacturers contributing to the market, the availability of oversized tyres has witnessed a steady rise. As there is no dearth in the oversized wheel market, you can easily unearth just about any wheel size or design that you need.

All right, when you are in the market for purchasing oversized 4×4 wheels and tyres, you should know which components you should consider precisely:

For What Use They Are Primarily Designed

Oversized tyre market chiefly focuses on the light-duty category but there are some added applications. Many drivers out there opt for a raised look and a solid posture, and choicest 4WD accessories can aid them to accomplish that purpose. Oversized wheels are fashioned mainly for aesthetic or visual use. With the broad face of a machined or chrome wheel as well as with the growing use of painted rims, it can be a real attention-grabber not only on off-road but also on the street. Indeed, broad wheels can enhance the performance of your 4×4. They’re used for obtaining added traction for turning, acceleration and braking, and they are usually used on performance vehicles.

The Benefits of Oversized Wheels and Tyres

There are many advantages of using oversized wheels and tyres on a 4WD as well as they can boost a vehicle’s performance over the factory limit.

  • An aggressive tread pattern of oversized tyres will be quite beneficial to grip rough terrain more effectively.
  • Particularly for off-road vehicles, oversized tyres enhance ground clearance.
  • Broader/ wider wheels and tyres can render better grip on dry surfaces.
  • They can be used not only on 4WDs but also on cars.

What Should You Never Overlook Concerning Oversized Tyres?

Though oversized wheels and tyres can improve particular aspects of an off-road vehicle’s performance and of low profile tyres, yet you need to consider several safety factors including:

  • Oversized tyres can significantly reduce a vehicle’s turning radius.
  • Oversized tyres will alter the speedometer’s output as they revolve fewer times per each kilometre.
  • Larger and taller tyres can stroke on wheel’s wells or suspension parts if they are not appropriately matched with the 4WD rims.

Therefore, drivers must know all the pros and cons of oversized tyres before fitting them onto their vehicles. If they aren’t sure or have doubts, it is always better to consult or take the help of a wheel & tyre expert.

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