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    What Can You Do to Lower the Cost of a Car Service?

    Car services are essential for your safety and the maintenance of your vehicle but they don’t have to be expensive. Your car service price will depend on the make of your car along with the engine size, and you can compare the most competitive car service prices on the Motor Quoters website. On our blog […]

  • Canadians Less Positive About Their Financial Future For 2016

    The new year was supposed to be a new chance for all of us to realize our dreams. That became hard to envision as we watched the US and Asian stock market plunge within the first week of reopening for 2016. Adding to an already anxious feeling, many Canadians are not only concerned about what […]

  • So You’ve Decided to Hire a Copywriter – How to Find the Best Fit for Your Project

    Finding a good copywriter is hard. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and there are a lot of factors you need to consider in the hiring process. The Internet is full of freelance copywriters and product description writer, promoting their services. Even a simple Google search will reveal writers with a variety of rates, experiences, and specialties. […]

  • Piggy Back on the Hashtag Trend: How to Use It to Increase Your Reach

    Internet language has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Hashtags are a big part of the evolution. Ever since Chris Messina introduced them in 2007, the face of social media has never been the same. No wonder marketers and people alike are curious about this phenomenon. Hashtags have evolved considerably, as well. From #posts […]