A Look at Sustainable Communities

There is an increasing number of sustainable urban communities that are being developed. When you visit one, you might ask–“Why aren’t all cities built this way?” Naturally, the 21st century is nothing like the 20th. Cities need to grow very differently than they have in the past. The consumption of […]

Urban Communities

How to Get Rid of The 6 Biggest Sun Damage

Harmful UV radiation from the sun can cause your skin a long list of temporary and permanent damages: wrinkles, dark spots, chronic dryness, among other signs of skin damage. Worst, UV causes cancer. You know better than to soak up in the sun for an unlimited number of hours. It’s […]



Oil in Cylinder

Overview The cylinder plays a very important role towards the movement of your car. It is the core of your car’s engine. If the cylinder is not working properly, the car will have severe combustion problems, which might lead to even greater complications. One of the most common problems observed […]